Partner Organizations

WPI has identified a select group of highly qualified and successful firms with like minded approaches to successful development work.  We have established ongoing work relations and mutually call on each other to effectively carry out work assignments. A representative list of this firms follows.


Innovation & Development, S.A. De C.V. (I&D Consulting).  I &D Consulting is a Salvadorean firm focused on justice issues, which has worked in urban hubs in El Salvador including San Salvador and San Miguel including on juvenile justice issues such as the development of a design for a case management system (CMS) for juvenile cases. I & D Consulting has been successful in obtaining commitments to proposed programs since its founding in 2011.  I & D Consulting focuses on developing viable new models for case processing including alternatives to incarceration and needed data bases and case management systems. A key strength is the development of partnerships in civil society, the private sector, and academia. I & D Consulting has years of working with the leadership of WPI on USAID and INL funded programs under various corporate organizations to ensure effective management and implementation of the program.

MAF y Associados.  MAD y Associados is a highly respected Mexican consulting group led by the former director of SETEC which oversaw the transition to the accusatory criminal procedures code in Mexico and has outstanding qualifications in political economy analysis and criminal justice policy setting. They are experts in carrying out PEA analyses to guide project activity to where there is political will and opportunity for project impact as well as serve as liaisons to government institutions to plan project activities

NAXIT Soluciones Integrale.  NAXIT Soluciones Integrale is led by the former court administrator of the Guanajuato Court System, historically ranked in the top two in the ranking of Mexican courts. The firm now has carried out consultancies in over 20 courts and brings unparalleled practical knowledge of justice sector operations  NAXIT carries out business processes and organizational analyses of operations in justice institutions to identify bottlenecks and barriers to more efficient and effective operations as well as work effectively with counterparts to introduce modern business processes